NEWS: #AFTERSCHOOL 6th Maxi single ‘첫사랑’ M/V Teaser Pic.

Posted on Jun 6 2013 - 7:07pm by Shu
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  • Sushi

    I hope she’s still gonna have face closeups in the MV :(

    • lll78

      I think so because they she’s been on ilming site all along twitting and taking pics :)

      • Sushi

        I hope so, because if she’s not in the MV AND the comeback stages people are gonna think she graduated/got kicked out :

        • darkbite

          she is injured….dont think too much

  • LNJ

    waaa no lizzy? :( JOOYEON & JUNGAH OMG

  • 90playgirlAS

    Lizzy injured her leg!!!

    • lll78

      I hope she’ll be alright in time for the live

    • mim0sa

      Ohmy…. mst proly from the rehearsal…. Swift recovery for her!

  • honey

    excuse me, hello where is nana??

    • Sushi

      She’s the one on top of the right pole (above UEE)

    • darkbite

      on the top, right part

  • lll78

    For me jung ah kaeun uee and jupal look the best. Nana eyoung and raina are kind of a turn of for me :$ but it’s only the first teaser so it’s okey :) I’m getting more and more curious and excited to how they are going to show of a first love image and a poll dance at the same time >.<

    • mim0sa

      keep the anticipation high, yo! :D

  • aeLita

    O.O speechless

  • princess_violet

    omg.look at Uee’s muscular leg.or is it bcoz of lighting?lol.but i don’t get it.i know Lizzy is currently not doing well with her legs.but if Kaeun and Raina can just sit there,why can’t they make Lizzy too?

    • lynn

      yes,absolutely.does it mean that she’s not going to participate?

  • LNJ

    also tell me that im not the only one thats worried about the performance , i feel like they are gonna be banned just like sistar :(

    • Sushi

      They are gonna tone down/alter the dance moves for the performance most likely with the pole scenes because remember in Flashback at the black & white dubstep dance break they did not do that on stage

      • LNJ

        yes yes i thought that too! it’s going to be similar to rip off then imo

      • mitsuhoney

        That black and white dubstep was never part of the original choreography to begin with. You can clearly see in the video right after Jung Ah finishes her middle part and Nana is about to say “Dance!” you can see the girls get in line and put their hands over their head to do the dubstep choreography that they do on stage. That black and white segment was purely for the music video only so I dont even know why you thought that whole thing was part of the choreography.

        Either or, AS can make something look sexy and not be too out there about it. Look how sexy Flashback was but nothing got them banned for it, thats cause they show it off in a very classy and sophisticated manner. So I am not worried about their pole dancing segment possibly being banned, cause I think it would be more about performance value and not actually trying to be over the top sexual.

        • LNJ

          wasn’t the pole dancing concept for the intro too

  • Naffa91

    O.O I can’t stop staring at them. Hope the korean fans/netizens won’t take this negatively seeing how conservative they are. On another note, i’m really appreciating Uee’s thighs :D

  • han

    Lizzy was filming for drama in Japan as guest star, she role as tae hee.

  • Bang

    My muscles hurt just looking at them O.O they really go all-out for comebacks! My bb E-Young omg <3

  • Kim

    They always comeback with the most interesting intros. Nobody deserves a win as much as Afterschool for their effort. Poor lizzy injured herself practicing for this and I hope she gets well soon.

  • mim0sa

    b4 tht…
    let me jst …


  • Sa
    • mim0sa

      nice one! *clap clap*

  • James

    Wooooow!! This looks verrry promising. I’m excited. Can’t wait for the MV to see the glory!!!

  • lynn

    lizzy!! get well soon. want to see u on stage T_T

  • foreverJR

    TBH, I’m a little bit disappointed with the MV Set >< I mean, what I picture is like a bad-ass ghetto graffiti set but anyways, I still can't wait. I'll give my final opinion once the MV is fully up :) after all, I've waited for this my entire life <3

  • Aftertiara

    hello ia have a question Do you know if something happenes between pledis and KBS In today`s music bank there was sistar`s comeback teaser but AS`s not.Also hello venus didn`t make comeback in music bnak can u tell me about it?

  • Jed Mendoza

    so perfect! im speechless :”>
    i hope Lizzy unni will go back soon..

  • sleeping_sun (@sleeping_sun69)

    UEE and Nana is the only wear flat shoes… and honey thighs UEE! ♥ I’m looking forward to After School comeback.

    • breelovely

      I was thinking the same thing.Maybe because the both are the tallest in the group?To even out their height with the rest of their mates.

      • sleeping_sun (@sleeping_sun69)

        Probably this is because as you write, they are the highest. but gladly would see them in heels. ^^

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  • queenjungah

    The teaser looks great. I swear I was like o.O when it came out…Jungah, E-young, Uee, and Jooyeon catch my attention a lot in this pic but they all so great. :) I am so excited to see what they are going to do. Wishing the best for Lizzy and a swift recovery so she can join them on stage. :) <3

  • S0MA

    what im seeing is this recurring theme where basically AS goes into genres and concepts that other groups cant follow or mimic. where ALL the other kpop girl groups keep recycling the same old things, AS perpetually brings this unique flavor.

    i am honored to call myself their fan.

    [pervy playboy]

  • Clyde

    I hope Lizzy Will get well soon..
    Please Lizzy