Rumor: The tracklist for #Afterschool’s 6th maxi single

Posted on Jun 1 2013 - 12:58am by Shu
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  • bball4224

    Please no, that’s such a horrible title name… smh

    • Dora

      It would be better if it were just Circus.

      • purplelemonsqueezie

        Or ‘The Circus’.

  • snchan

    I went on Naver Music and couldn’t find anything about this rumor.

  • mitsuhoney

    This is from Baidu not Naver Music. I hope this “Da Circus” is not true, just “Circus” is ok, and its a bit odd as their is no way that AS will have ALL group songs in one maxi single, usually they have a solo or duet song in it too.

  • Onet Williamson Park

    Why They didn’t put the instrumental of the upcoming Korean single in the tracklist anymore? The last time They put it was in Happy Pledis album (Love Love Love & Someone is You) & Their Japanese singles. I want the official instrumentals of Shampoo, In The Night Sky, Wonder Boy, Flashback, & of course the latest single in the 6th MAXI SINGLE.

  • LNJ

    i’m just not feeling ‘da circus’ as a title at all hope it’s fake