Trans: Kim Hyun Joong Phone Call to Nana on Barefoot friends

Posted on Jun 2 2013 - 12:05pm by Shu

[Trans] Nana phone call on Barefoot Friends with HJ

Hyunjoong: How about After School Nana?

Bumsoo: Just call her.

Nana: Oppa~

Hyunjoong: How are you doing?

Nana: What’s wrong?

Hyunjoong: What are you doing?

Nana: Me? Playing

Hyunjoong: Do you meet up with anyone recently?

Nana: No, but why?

Hyunjoong: You know Bumsoo hyung right? He currently doesn’t have girlfriend so what do you think…?

Nana: *laugh* Oppa are you alone now?

Nana: *whispering* Why are you doing this to me?

Nana: Although he seems to be a good guy, the age gap is a little bit…

Hyunjoong: Nana we’re filming now.

Nana: hahahahaha

Lee hyori: She’s honest. Let put Bumsoo on the phone


Nana: I’m sorry

Bumsoo: I’m your big fan.

Nana: *Stammering* I’m also your fan….

Lee Hyori: It’s all because of the age gap

Bumsoo: I understand

Nana: Do you know I was just joking? hehe ( LOL she just asked HJ if he was alone so she can speak the truth)

Hyunjoong: Is there anyone you like in Barefooted Friends?

Nana (After School): There’s only one good looking person in there.

Hyunjoong: Eunhyuk?

Nana: No… The actor

Hyunjoong: Ah Yoon Si Yoon

Si Yoon: Hello

Nana: Hello, I’m your fan (her voice CHANGED into a cute voice)

Nana: I’m sorry Bumsoo oppa

Bumsoo: I’m okay~ I’m a cool man though

Credit: full trans by zjnzjn, afterschooldaisuki



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  • Sushi

    Lol this reminds me of that time they called her on Running Man (The earlier ep. where UEE guested) Her voice changed into a cute tone lol but it seems like she only like actors.

  • princess_violet

    When HJ said he will call someone from AS and it’s Nana, i just went o.0
    i mean, he doesn’t even know Uee’s real name but he knows Nana phone num?? then i remember, must be bcoz they’re often guesting into the same show back then. forgot the name of the show, but they’ve been putting into a big large cage. lol ^^

    • Sushi

      Nana is BFF with Nicole who is also BFF with him so most likely that’s how he knows Nana…also they did that Gayo stage together with the rest of AS…I think he’s a fan of AS in general though

      • princess_violet

        Probably. Well, i’m not HJ’s fan. so i didn’t know who’s his bff and all. lol. so the only reasoning that i could make is proly bcoz they’ve been together in that variety show for few times. as if AS-HJ colab during Gayo alone, i don’t think it’s strong enuff to make their friendship become this close. but who knows rite?? ^^

        • Sushi

          Well I watched Barefoot Friends up to ep. 6 and I think he’s pretty close to UEE (Like they’re always together/around each other and seems comfortable enough) but yeah maybe he has to keep some distance to avoid brewing up scandals. I don’t follow him either but I did watch Intimate Note and one of the ep was of SS501 & Kara (from DSP) so yea :)

  • BoAjaj

    Can I have the link for this video please?

  • NanaLove

    Which episode was it?

    • iloveafterschool

      Ep. 7′

      • NanaLove

        Thank you very much ^^