Info/rumor: Pledis Artists Rumored Comeback 2014

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 8:15am by Shu
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  • toonbbv

    don’t forget Seventeen in March

  • dason

    APRRILL ARGHHHHHH … I prefer not knowing than waiting freaking 5 month… I prefer last minute teaser / rumors, for Shhhh it’s painful to know we have 1 month and a half to wait still, on the other hand HV and dambi’s long awaited comeback:)

    • Dora

      I am exactly like this, haha! I’d rather learn of the comeback a week before it’s happening though I hope there will be another Happy Pledis this year, at least then the wait would be a bit tolerable lol.

      • dason

        I’m not sure they’ll do it were way to close from christmas and no anouncement/rumors/teaser around, arghhh I wished they would go back to 2009 and make like 3 comebacks in a year, IN KOREA PLZ, I like their jap stuff but not as much D:

  • okadarei

    Most of the times they don’t follow up the possible schedule, but I do wish they do it this time around. >< unless they meant they'll be in charge of Happy Pledis once more. Remember guys how last year we knew about HP so suddenly.

  • Kama

    You got this from someone’s Facebook acount
    They got it from someone’s twitter.
    That person got it from someone’s Weibo account

    I doubt this is even remotely real with the exceptions of already rumoured comebacks.