Info: Afterschool ‘Shh’ debuted at #12 on Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with a total of 16,101 copies sold

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 1:28pm by Shu
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  • saiking79

    Not bad this comeback。Remember this week a lot famous group comeback Japan / Korea in Oricon。Daebak After School

  • Sushi

    Wow their sales are getting better :)

  • dason

    is 12th position good ? I dont really follow the japanese charts :[

    • eyoungfan

      I think it is really good, a bunch of people on A.S. facebook pages have said so too. They also said that it is really hard for k-pop groups to place on the Japanese charts at the moment. I don’t follow the charts either but considering the first place (taken by Morning Musume and the 2014 olympics song) I think A.S. had a hard competition. I just hope they will stay on the chart now and that they don’t fall down. Well that is what my outsider point of view thinks at least. :)