How Do You Want To Support Orange Caramel’s Comeback???

Posted on Aug 8 2014 - 2:35pm by Sarah

Hey everyone!

This is Sarah from the Special Projects Team! We’ve had some success with our past tutorials this year (Catallena, Dress to Kill, A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness…) ~~ but we want to hear your ideas!  This time, how would you like to support and celebrate OC? 


We’ll have the regular Playgirlz Syllabus with the Voting Guides/Tutorials, but what else would you like to do? A Hashtag Event on Twitter? A fan project of some kind? A Contest? A Giveaway?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below! If you see an idea you like from your fellow readers be sure to upvote it so we know what’s most popular <3

You guys are awesome!

All the best,

Sarah <3


P.S- I know a lot of us are super disappointed After School isn’t having a comeback… so it might be hard to support Orange Caramel yet again this year. But,  this has the potential to be a really exciting comeback and continue on as a really successful year for ALL our members.  I hope you feel the same!

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Special Projects at ASDaze Team
Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)

  • Fahad

    This my first to support and i’m excited tbh lol
    so i’ll go with other’s ideas

  • EyoungFan

    Not sure, I think it is best to do what most fans will participate in. What that is however I am not sure of, I think you admins at ASdaze know that better than me anyways.

    On the other hand I will by myself use every gmail account I have (and also steal my mother’s) to like the video on youtube until I run out of e-mails lol xD

  • saiking79

    actually if this song really catchy & suitable for korea summer feel tbh PlayGirl already save half energy. bcz follow up by catallena & Raina duet songs successful bring many other fandom & public recognition. K netizen really play important role in their purchasing power of digital & physical singles for OC. WAPOP <<< also the mainly & only chance to promote After School & Orange Caramel sorry to be reality Pledis need launch solo concert for these girls to boost K PlayGirl in korea. i know i hurt PlayGirl feel but Pledis had their limit to growth to another stage closer like Cube or Woolim ent. i just tell the truth & my summary for OC this comeback. Fighting!! PlayGirl.

  • AdamFJH

    Right now I’m creating a system to automate voting for After School and gaining SNS points. Anything concerning voting on websites and creating voting accounts will be automated. Also, reserving shared accounts will be automated. All fans need to do is install, run the program and report any errors that fans find. I’m about half done with the program but the main parts e.g. voting on Show Champion, M COUNTDOWN, Eat Your Kimchi and automatic account voting registrations are functional.

    I’ll try and finish the program before Orange Caramel’s comeback but it’s likely I’ll be about a week late.

    I know there are After School fans out there that don’t like Orange Caramel, for those fans I strongly recommend you guys also participate in this idea because the program will automatically create voting accounts every day and those accounts can be used to vote for After School when they come back.

    I’ll provide more details about this system later on the ASDaze forum.

    • MusicBreaks

      That’s fantastic! Please comment in OC comeback articles about this program or the link to the forum so interest people can see it! :)

    • Sarah

      Adam you’re ahhmazing~!! I’m just heading over to the forum now (i’ve been a little MIA). Whooo!!! this comeback is going to be awesome. If you need any help with the program or anything~~ we can make a post on the main site in case anyone is available.

  • Eric Sarabia

    How can I vote for orange caramel for they get number 1 & I preorder the album already I just want to help out

    • Sarah

      YAY!!! We’ll try to get all the voting information up in time for the comeback :D

  • ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ

    Anything you do I support you ~~I have plenty e-mails (including my sisters).. I vote them hardcore.. ahahaha ><
    Sincerely by PlaygirlzTomomi ~~

  • rirism

    Actually i have figured out some ways on how to vote through SMS even if you’re not in korea and some other tutorials i would like to share when Orange Caramel will comeback.
    Also you guys always come up with some unique ideas every comeback the girls have so i think it’s all up to you(surprise us!)

    • Sarah

      Ah!! awesomeeeeee~!! Could you post the information in the forum and/or email the information to us at :D

      • rirism

        oh yes sure :3

      • rirism

        I send you guys an email because i couldn’t access the forum.

        • Sarah

          Thank you! I got so caught up preparing for the comeback i forgot to reply >:P thank you so much! I’ll reply now D:

  • echoixxi

    How about another 1 million views project like what we did for Catallena?

    • echoixxi

      And some trending project in twitter and korean search engines. Just give us a specific date and time. As for voting, I only know how to vote in m-countdown but not to other charts ㅠㅠ