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Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 2:23am by Sarah

Playgirlz Voter

What is the Playgirlz Voter?

Ever wish you had magical program that could automatically support After School without all the tedious tutorials and large time commitment?? WISH NO MORE!

The Playgirlz Voter is an awesome program by PlayboyzAdam, designed to do just that! Just download the program, push the start button, and let the program run throughout the rest of the Promotional Cycle! IT’S LITERALLYTHAT EASY!


In a given day ASDaze has about 800 unique visitors (thank you! :’])

In 7 days we have about 3,000 of you drop by.

And in 30 days a little over 10,000 of you swing by at least once! (You are the best!)

If only 293.25 people use the Playgirlz Voter for 6 days, Orange Caramel could rank #1 for votes on Show Champion! (Imagine that world!)


We think that’s a reasonable goal and we know so, so many of you are itching to participate but have found it too tedious up until now!

The program is in the beta stages, so this is such a great time to test it out and see how well it works! Especially in preparation for a full After School comeback <3

What does the Playgirlz Voter Do?

As of right now the system is able to:
– vote on Show Champion
– vote on M! CountDown
– vote on Eat Your Kimchi
– create MBC+ accounts
– create Mwave accounts
– view Official MV
– reserve shared voting accounts

This makes supporting After School SO much easier for International Fans! Say goodbye to tedious tutorials and confusing time differences!

In the future the Playgirlz Voter will also be able to:
– Streamline MV Viewing (within the program)
– Search on Naver
– Tweet for SNS points
– Update tasks automatically (within program
– Setup user profiles
– Show the support totals for the current week. Currently the totals that are shown are only for the current day.

How Do I Get It!?:

-You can find out how to download the Playgirlz Voter HERE, as well as all the other information you may need^^

**IMPORTANT: Before sharing or installing this program it is imperative you read the Terms and Conditions!

And now that you know a little more about the Playgirlz Voter, go HERE to earn the “Very Voter” badge and become…THE ULTIMATE FAN: for chance to win an Orange Caramel Youth Trip Photobook!! You deserve it!


-PlayboyzAdam has set up a great troubleshooting program in the forum. If you run into a problem just send Adam the activity logs easily found in the Playgirlz Voter (more info in the forum)

More Options:

If for some reason the Playgirlz Voter doesn’t really appeal to you, remember we still have the Voting Account Sponsor program in the forum which allows you to reserve Pre-Made Voting accounts for short, manageable amounts of time! :)

*Although we at ASDaze are super excited about the Playgirlz Voter , we still encourage you to take the necessary steps to make sure it’s safe for your computer including scanning it with an anti-virus software. 

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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)

  • EyoungFan

    Now this is amazing! thank you so much for this PlayboyzAdam. I am sure this is what many international AS fans have been waiting for. I hope we can get as many people as possible to get download it and use it well.

    I have just installed it on both my laptops, sadly it does not seem to work on any of them (but I will let an hour or two pass before I try a re-installation) Hopefully I can get them running and if I can I will be able to keep them on almost 24/7. XD

    • Sarah

      Be sure to install the upgrades listed in the forum! Also, if there are any problems go ahead and write them in the forum! Adam has a good way of knowing how to fix it them through activity logs…etc. <333


      • EyoungFan

        I’ve done the updates too but I think it might be my internet / java that is not quite working so I don’t think it is the softwares fault :) But I will head over to the forum and see what I can do to get it working. And if everything else fails I got a stationary PC to test it on too :D

    • AdamFJH

      For voting purposes, it doesn’t matter how much computers a single fan runs the Playgirlz Voter on because of limits such as the Mwave one where it only allows 1 IP address(external) to vote 10 times a day on M! CountDown. The IP address that the sites are talking about is the external one i.e. which can be can be simply explain as a unique number that identifies your network. Basically Mwave only allows 10 votes a day from your network regardless of which computer on your network you are voting from and this means”for now” there really is no point in running the Playgirlz Voter on more than one computer per fan. I say “for now” because there is no such limits placed on the amount of times 1 IP address can be used to vote on Show Champion but “for now” the Playgirlz Voter system doesn’t have so much MBC+ accounts that requires fans to run the Plagirlz Voter on multiple computers to help use up all the MBC+ accounts per day.

      To summarize, only run the Playgirlz Voter on 1 computer until one day I make an request for fans to help out by running the Plagirlz Voter on more than one computer

      • EyoungFan

        Got it, thanks for letting me know. I had no idea ip adresses were also connected to your specific network in such a way. I shall do some thinking to make sure I uninstall the program from the laptop I use the least.

  • EyoungFan

    Oh and look! A random Soyoung picture in your service =) How much I miss her… :( <3

    • AdamFJH

      I miss Soyoung too. COOL, ORIGINAL 2009 LINE UP!!!!!

      • EyoungFan

        Her energy on stage was so incredible, really hope she will get casted in a new drama soon, dying to see her again XD

  • saiking79

    this was my favourite After School poster = p sorry Raina and current members。So After School way

  • snina2811

    Can i suggest something… you can post video tuto on youtube ???

    • EyoungFan

      That would be a great idea. Who wants to do it? If not I can perhaps do it =)

      • AdamFJH

        Thanks, if you’ve got the time, please do<3

        • EyoungFan

          I will start working on it tomorrow, I am not good at video editing (yet) and it will be my first tutorial, but I will do my best. =)

  • EyoungFan

    This can’t be true! :( promotion already over?! Oh god why… this is not a good year for Pledis at all. We seriously need to get more people to participate to support the girls. I have my Voter on every day for about eigth hours. Please join me in my mission to rais them up on the charts! My progress for this day:

    • AdamFJH

      I only found out the promotion was over about an hour ago from one of your Youtube comments…WHEN DID IT ENDED? T__T

      Kinda hard to raise them on the charts when they are not promoting anymore but OK :)

      • EyoungFan

        Apparently last week :( :( Not sure what happens now. I was rooting for you to be able to tell me that. ;) But the thing is we don’t really know what will happen do we? Of they start to promote Gangnam Avenue then our mission is given. But now, I don’t really know what to do. Still I shall keep my voter running. :)

        • AdamFJH

          I’ve been living under a rock so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve been busy working on the Playgirlz Voter’s security and I’m still trying to catch up with Roommate. I only found out that 3 other roommates were going to leave the show yesterday :(

          Guys, for now run the Playgirlz Voter as you would if the promotion hasn’t ended. If the promotion does end then continue to read the following quote I posted on the forum.


          Guys, we needed to created about 7176 MBC+ accounts in the Playgirlz Voter for this week in order for Orange Caramel to place 1st in the Show Champion votes. We could have archived that if we had 293.25 fans voting for 6 days. Unfortunately we only managed to gain 208 accounts by the start of this week and right now there’s only 17 users in the Playgirlz Voter system but only 5 to 9 I’ll consider active users.

          In order to help After School place first when they comeback please continue to help use the Playgirlz Voter even after Orange Caramel’s promotion to create at least 4 MBC accounts accounts per day and help promote the Playgirlz Voter.

          I understand that there’ll be fans that can’t help(maybe too stressed from work or school) and that’s fine but to the fans that can help please do.

          After Orange Caramel’s promotion, it’s not necessary to use the Playgirlz Voter to help vote(and it’s likely I may choose to remotely put the voting tasks to sleep) but it’s still very important to use the Playgirlz Voter to get those MBC+ accounts created because they are pretty hard to get, but once we get enough we can guarantee After School will place first in Show Champion votes.

          • EyoungFan

            Here is the source you need: Orange Caramel’s promotion of ‘My Copycat’ has ended last week.
            [ … ]

            Credit: Happy Pl3dis
            I will keep running the voter every day to get those MBC+ accounts for sure! Right now I have no news on Gangnam Avenue but I promise to let you know as soon as I can. I hope more people will keep using the voter so we can get that win on show champion.

          • AdamFJH

            That seriously ruins my day…I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.

            Thanks for helping with the Playgirlz Voter and notifying me about Gangnam Avenue<3

          • EyoungFan

            I know how you feel, right now it is still early morning for me but yesterday I was crushed. No fun at all. Still no word on the Avenue but I will keep hoping.

  • EyoungFan

    Seriously, the most creative comeback ever. Some of the most special comeback stages ever and still nothing? </3 I DON'T GET IT! Really, where they even nominater for 1st even once?! So sad and mad right now… #JusticeForOC #WhyLifeWhy #VoteEvenHarderNextTimePeople

  • kkaang

    i cant find the start button…, so how do i start playgirlzvoter????

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