News: UEE to return to acting through tvN drama ‘A Pushover’s Love’

Posted on Dec 15 2014 - 6:42am by Shu



UEE will be returning to dramas through tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘A Pushover’s Love’!

The main characters of the drama are Kang Ho Gu (hogu also means pushover in Korean), and his fraternal twin sister Kang Ho Gyeong. The story talks about Ho Gu as he starts taking care of a baby that’s quite literally been dropped into his life.
UEE will play Kang Ho Gyeong, a hyper, passionate girl. She used to live life carelessly during school, but she meets a man who changes her life completely. The drama will start airing in February next year.
credit: allkpop
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  • QueenYoung

    Yeeeees! Drama qUEEn is back! :D So happy about this, hope she can get some attention before their comeback. Getting paranoid now but if it starts in February maybe Seventeen will make their debut late January. I am so seeing only what I want to see at this point!

  • ikram

    This is what we call agood news .uee fighting

  • Queen_ieee

    I cannot wait! UEE! check out dramabeans review of the news!
    So far it looks promising! Uee will play the childhood sweetheart swimming goddess (of course!) Do Hee. Her romantic interest will be woo sik! <333