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Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 3:32pm by Shu

Since Jungah’s birthday party there has been a fight within our fandom: Afterschool vs. E-young. This fight like all the other fights started off over silly things, so I didn’t comment on it because I hoped like the other fights, it will pass. As you remember e-young wasn’t at Jungah’s birthday party, Which made fans question whether or not E-young was even invited, but it was later revealed that E-young was in America during Jungah’s birthday party. So let me get to my point. On August 16 it was E-young’s Birthday none of the members wished E-young Happy Birthday on any on their SNS accounts. Being AS fan for six years now I know the girls don’t always wish each other Happy Bday online, so I didn’t care much but AS not wishing her Happy Bday restarted Afterschool vs. E-young feud. It got to the point where fans were hating on the girls for “singling out” E-young. Especially Raina because she updated her twitter on E-young’s B-day. Normally I don’t have problem with Fans fighting, but when they starting going on the members’ SNS accounts to hate on them because of their own assumption, it became a problem. I say “their own assumption” because after people wouldn’t stop bothering the members on why they didn’t celebrate E-young’s Bday. Lizzy finally respond to one Fan. She said this:


The Pictures E-young posted on IG her are from 2 weeks ago, the time around August 2nd (jungah’s Bday). There is a big age gap between AS members. The older members are not as close to the younger member as they are with one another and that is not because they don’t like each other. Jungah is 11 years older then Kaeun and 9 years older than Lizzy and E-young. They are not bestest of friend but that doesn’t mean they are not friends at all. Jungah hangs out with people around the same age as her because they understand each other more. They grew up around they same era. That also applies to rest of the members. They don’t need inform us on everything they do together. They don’t need to wish each other Happy Birthday online because they can do that over the phone. They get along, they respect one another, and they support each other. That should be good enough for everyone. Fans always forget at the end of the day the girls are just co-workers, it is a blessing for us that AS members actually get along and they work in an environment where they can leave when they feel like it is time for them to close this chapter of their lives and enter the next. So next time please don’t fight over something that silly, because all the reasons that started this fight were proven wrong and it made us, as a Fandom, look like asses. Please don’t ever stoop that low again, where you post hateful things on the members’ SNS. At the end of the day it is not Afterschool vs. E-young because E-young is a part of AFTERSCHOOL.

please leave a comment on what you think about all this.


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  • QueenYoung

    Jungah did wish E-young happy birthday on the instagram comments to one of E-young’s pictures she uploaded that day.

  • QueenYoung

    I think one thing that might make some fans think that E-young is not close with the others are the lack of selcas of them together. Kaeun instantly seemed closer to the other members already having pictures with:

    Raina, Uee, Kaeun, Jungah, Lizzy, E-young and Nana (not sure about Jooyeon.)

    While E-young has pictures with: Lizzy, Kaeun and Bekah.

    Now this might seem strange but E-young does not come across as much of a selca person overall. 2 of the pictures with Kaeun was for Kaeun’s Birthday during 2 seperate years. Since Bekah and E-young can’t meet often maybe that is a reason to take a selca at those times. E-young also has the least tweets out of the AS members (Minus Kaeun, but she switched accounts once and Uee who does not use twitter at all.)

    These are small things yes, but something I noticed and I wish she would be more of an SNS person. What I do see on the other hand is that E-young feels closer to the other members, starting around 2012-2013.

    Do I think E-young has a more work relationship to the other members than a friendship one?
    – Definitely. But she does seem the closest to Kaeun and I can easily see why.
    The thing is that this is their job and in 2015 After School as a group has done nearly nothing compared to last year. If E-young wants to take a break in Hawaii and enjoy life I say “good for you.” What matters to me is that she is happy on stage with the other girls and from fancams, dvd content from Avex, Beauty Bible, variety shows and more E-young does seem happy to be with the girls.

    After School are all adults,
    all older than me and I would find it seriously strange if they would have any sort of dislike for her. Sure adults are in no way perfect, some are unprofessional and rude, still I find any AS member disliking another AS member unlikely.
    E-young has never missed a stage since she was added to AS and in most group selcas she is indeed there.

    Do I still want my Jungah and E-young selca?
    – Of course I do.
    Do I want E-young to go on a crazy member hugging spree?
    – Of course I do.
    But I also do not want her to fake her relationship to
    the other members which a selca and definitely a hugging spree would then be.

    If E-young views all of them as just co-workers that is more than okay if you ask me. The way I see it she still seems happy on stage with the other members and had all of that been an act for this long I think E-young would have left Pledis already.

    If anything I see a more confident/less shy E-young who is slowly starting to talk more and more compared to what I saw when I entered the fandom in 2011 and that makes me happy.

  • https://twitter.com/TheKawaiiKimchi Sam ♥ 샘

    I tweeted a lot about this recently, I was really disappointed with us as a fandom. I’ve tweeted them all a few apologies since because obviously they do read what we post online and I think a lot of other people need to be apologising as well.

  • Passerby

    I am just wonder, does Kahi stop contacting After School anymore? You can see jooyeon still hanging out with After School members while Kahi didn’t seem to be hanging out with anyone esp Jungah.

  • AdamFJH

    hehe I wonder if I sent Kahi an email about why she hates After School, would she responds to me? XD No I’m just kidding, I won’t do that.

  • TheTinGod

    I find this all hilarious. I do not really understand how people can get upset over such things but for what it is worth I do not think one should be overtly concerned on Afterschools behalf either. At the end of the day if you work in a public domain you open yourself to criticism.

  • Playsone

    E-young would have left pledis if it’s AS members vs E-young. Eyoung was traveling for a while. They are making stuff up, remember people thought Jessica was kicked out and used “Snsd vs Jessica”. It’s just a piece of stuff we no need.

    On an unrelated note,
    Lizzy seems to understand English but can’t write it well