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Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 5:52pm by Shu

There is an account that impersonating us on Instagram. Not only are they using our name and logo, they are also making up After School disband rumors. If this was true it would have been reported by Korean AS fan sites first. We don’t have Instagram account and we post all AS news here. Please don’t believe them! 









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  • Riri

    Omg thanks for making this cause i was really questioning if we had an instagram and was going crazy because of this.

  • Sam ♥ 샘

    I left them a nice scathing comment on their 2 pictures. It made me so mad >_>

  • forgivemenot1 .

    Just by reading it you can tell its fake because no company would deliver news written like this, for a start it would have begun with “Hello this is Pledis” not gone straight into making a statement, real amateur hour writing.

  • Tia3

    I’m sad to see someone is using this site credibility to spread rumors.

  • AS-Dazer

    Honestly I hope they can change to a better company as a entire group, they are there but company don’t want to promote them at all. I believe all of them are in good relationship consider how often jooyeon meeting up with the others even after graduation.

    • AdamFJH

      Pledis = Best Entertainment Company Ever <– and that is basically why for the last 6 years I've only ever followed Pledis artists'… Firstly, Pledis treats After School like family while other companies treats their artists like slaves. Secondly, Pledis refuses to compromise the qualify of their work by not caving in to fan's demands for a comeback and adding to the cesspool that Kpop has became. Thirdly, Pledis isn't one of the many corrupt/greedy Kpop companies so I can trust that they're not going to make a comeback just of the sake of ripping of fans.

      Pledis and Kahi's influences in After School was basically what made After School so awesome. Fan's failure to recognise this is just show what failures fans are.

      • echoixxi

        I agree with you. I cannot imagine AS in any other company even though some of them are bigger and richer than Pledis. Pledis knows how to handle our girls and to come up with the right concept for them. Just see what happened to HV when Fantagio had a total control over their concept. And recently knowing that some of our girls even renewed their contract with Pledis means that even our girls want to keep working with them.

      • Penguin

        I think, in many ways, youre thinking of Pledis as more than they are. Ive been an AS fan for a long time and when I went over to Korea, I visited the Pledis office and attended events. Its true that the pledis employees often dont give fan gifts to members. Theyve let little kids into fan meetings without passes and treated the 20 y/o fans like they were a nuissance. They talk to fans like theyre nothing or ignore them. Its understandable that a lot of kfans dont like Pledis. Pledis’ management and promo also has its flaws. The company has its redeeming points, but I think its wrong to put Pledis on a pedestal and putting the weight of failure on fans

        • AdamFJH

          ” Its true that the pledis employees often dont give fan gifts to members.”
          ^Yep, I’ve been told that but form what I’ve heard, this is also true for other companies as well. From what I’ve heard, you need to give the entertainment company employees something as an incentive and then they would go out of their way to help you. Pledis is made up of many types of people and some care less about the fans than others but I think Pledis as a company in general really do care about fans. As shown by video’s like these that they post on Youtube,

          “They’ve let little kids into fan meetings without passes…”
          ^I don’t understand why this is a problem so I need a little more context.

          “and treated the 20 y/o fans like they were a nuissance.”
          ^again, I need some more context. Maybe there’s a reason for why they treat 20 y/o fans like they were a nuisance. Haha, regardless of age. I can probably give you plenty of reasons why fans are a “nuisance” and here are some,

          Pledis’ management and promo also has its flaws.
          ^Pledis isn’t perfect and in the past I’ve called them incompetent many times but more out of annoyance than rationality but Pledis’ flaws are a subjective matter. For example, fans bitch about how Pledis “picks” the worst times for AS comebacks. I’m actually unsure how Pledis is able to “pick” a time when AS can comeback against easier opponents considering the large number of groups that’s more popular than AS….regardless of that, I happen to love Pledis’ “I don’t give a damn about what fans say, AS will comeback regardless of which ever groups they’ll be up against” promotion strategy. After School IS THE NUMBER 1 GROUP OUT THERE and they’ve shown that to me years ago so for you guys to be looking down on After School by bitching about how Pledis needs to put AS against less popular groups annoys me…a lot. I say that Pledis’ promotion strategy is the best. Pledis may not be good at making money but the qualities they promote in After School(e.g. talent, innovation) is what set’s After School apart from the rest of Kpop.

          “The company has its redeeming points”
          ^ yes and the redeeming points I’ve like the most about Pledis is their unwillingness to compromise both the quality of their work to meeting the ridiculous demands of fans.

          “but I think its wrong to put Pledis on a pedestal and putting the weight of failure on fans”
          ^ I’m putting Pledis on a pedestal because they deliver the goods, they stay true to their art and they treat After School well. When you compared them to other entertainment companies out there(e.g Fantagio), I think Pledis deserves to be put on a pedestal. I’m not putting the weight of failure on fans(i.e. I’m not blaming fans for failed promotions or anything like that). I’m saying fans are failures because they are unable to appreciate the contributions and efforts that Pledis and individual members have given.

  • Sam ♥ 샘

    They deleted those 2 ‘rumour’ posts and apologised with a kinda weak excuse, but they apologised nonetheless:

    • AdamFJH

      Apology accepted.