Posted on Oct 29 2015 - 3:29pm by Shu
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  • AdamFJH

    I don’t think there’s enough similarities to call it a rip off.

  • asdad

    i reckon they did steal a few things, but that’s art i guess. can’t really put a copyright on human motion and mobility. although, it does seem that ppl like to steal off AS (cos their moves are good), but because they don’t have as big a popularity as other groups, maybe they think there is a lower chance of the plagiarist getting caught.

    i think they ripped off heaps, but i can only bite down and treat it as a homage, cos if at the very least i causes some ppl to be redirected to AS, then that’s a good thing. Otherwise i wouldn’t have bothered give them click traffic at all.

  • ghjjhjh

    the hip bounce is ripped from AS BANG!

  • forgivemenot1 .

    Firstly the song sounds nothing like Rambling Girls and quite frankly I thought it was so bad I didn’t last to the end, secondly if you want to accuse them of ripping off the marching band outfit you might as well accuse AS of ripping off Alex Gaudino & Crystal Water’s Destination Calibria or any marching band ever, AS didn’t invent the concept it was already out there so you might as well get over it; Thirdly the dance part was simular but not enough in my books to even raise an eyebrow and if I wasn’t looking for it I wouldn’t have made any connection, my personal feelings is that if any AS fans are worrying about this all they are doing is making click bait out of a group I and probably 99% of anyone else would have never heard of until this was brought up.

    Move along people there’s nothing to see here.