Petition: Pledis Entertainment give AFTER SCHOOL Comeback

Posted on Jan 5 2016 - 8:17pm by Shu


We Playgirlz/boyz are tired of waiting 3 years for pledis to give our girls a comeback. Please sign this Petition and let’s make our voices HEARD!

(Also, playgirlz/boyz are working on making a petition on a korean sites for K-playgirlz/boyz.)


About the Author

  • Sam ♥ 샘

    I hope the petition is a success :'( we need our girls back

  • G

    This is what i waiting.. Or maybe they can make a variety show like playgirlz school before comeback..

  • Mary

    The creator of the petition (Aqua Z) found someone to do the Korean translation. Just letting you guys know. :)