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#MEMBERDAZE 001 – Kim Jung Ah
#MEMBERDAZE 002 – Park Soo Young
#MEMBERDAZE 003 – Noh Yi Young
#MEMBERDAZE 004 – Park Kahi
#MEMBERDAZE 005 – Lee Juyeon
#MEMBERDAZE 006 – Oh Hye-Rin
#MEMBERDAZE 007 – Lee Kaeun
#MEMBERDAZE 008 – Kim Yu-Jin
#MEMBERDAZE 009 – Im Jin-ah
#MEMBERDAZE 010 – Rebekah Kim
#MEMBERDAZE 011 – Joo So Young



ASDaze First Competition


After School’s 5th Anniversary


First Love Giveaway [closed]
Catallena Giveaway [closed]
“Where’s Orange Caramel?” Giveaway [OPEN!]



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Playlizt by Renzel


Fan-written Essays

After School

What’s Next? Balancing the Sexy by Jayden [Aug 2013]
Pledis’ Progression over the Past Four Years by RCX [Apr 2012]


2PM and After School (July – December 2013) by Minnie [Jan 2014]
2PM and After School – Mid-Year Summary (Oct 2012 – July 2013) by Minnie [Jul 2013]
The Story of After School and 2PM (2012) by Minnie [Nov 2012]
The Story of After School and 2PM (2011) by Minnie [Dec 2011]


Fan Remixes


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