Past Site Banners

Here are some of our site’s past banners!

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  • lemonadess

    PlayGirlz School Ep 5 Engsubbed by ASPVN Team:

    • afterschooldaze

      thanks! :D

  • James Ryan

    Engsub All My Love Ep 64 (Lizzy):

    Another project from ASPVN Team :)

    • afterschooldaze

      Thanks so much :D

      • dara

        Are you cf afterschool?

  • darkfreedoom

    MV compilation successfully uploaded to youtube.




    Full single video download link will be provide later on …

    enjoy :)

  • DarkFreeDoom

    here’s the download link
    – MF

  • darkfreedoom

    i think it is time to update the “Group Info” and “Members Profile”
    Virgin and E-Young is missing :p

    • afterschooldaze

      I know, I’ve been slacking and a bit lazy lol I will update soon – – If not feel free to remind me again I get busy/forget sometimes :P

  • Long SangHeaK

    Good bye Bekah!!
    Made by Long SangHeaK@ASPVN

    • Long SangHeaK

  • Long SangHeaK

    Jung Ah Funny Dance (Cut in Playgirlz School)

  • Long SangHeaK

    Vietsub MV Fanmade TAKE ME TO THE PLACE (Bekah) —>
    Made by ASPVN

    • afterschooldaze

      Thanks so much for sharing! So sweet <3

  • aznhmongpride1995

    i feel left out

  • Long SangHeaK <— DAnce Team Of AS Vietnam FC in K-Dream Festival 2011.08.14

  • Lucie

    Hello !
    My name is Lucie, and i’m a big fan of your website and After School ! You are the best website that i found since i know AS ! I’m a french fan, and i would like create a website for all the french fans (for the moment i’ve only a blog of AS) because there aren’t except french forums . So I have a request… can I take your news informations about After School ? Of Course, if you agree, I will say that I’ve taken on your site.
    I wait your answer.
    Thank you !

    • afterschooldaze

      Hi Lucie, glad you like the site. Taking the information from here is no problem :) If you want we can be affiliates :P

      • Lucie

        Thank you so much, and no problem, we can be affiliates :) <- It will be my site. It is still under construction !
        See you ! ;)

        • afterschooldaze

          Great! – You’re added :D

  • sprunch

    I haven’t read any of the other comments, so I hope this isn’t a repeat…

    But could you make a “share” button for Me2day? They just just made the English site!!! So yes!


    And do you guyz have twitter? (I’m new….sorry)


    • afterschooldaze

      Hi – our twitter is!/AfterSchoolDaze

      I created a me2day page but haven’t had time to really sit and use it – – I don’t think wordpress has a ‘share’ button for that site yet but I will try and find out :P

  • ItsAfter2PM

    Hi this is the admin of I saw something that might worth consider writing as an article & put up here. On 22 Oct, 2PM member Taecyeon wrote in his twitter about how all 2PM members watch MuBank & how they bursted into laughters while watching “Shanghai Romance”, and how they think Shanghai Romance is innovative. Taec’s twitter is 2PM’s official trans is Since 2PM had never publicly praise a girl group (not even Wonder Girls or Miss A, not that I’m aware) I think it worth putting here. Pls contact me if u need more info ^^

  • ItsAfter2PM
    • afterschooldaze

      Cool – I can do a post :D

      Do you have the tweets translation somewhere that I copy and paste?

  • ItsAfter2PM There it is ^^

    • afterschooldaze

      thanks! I will post something soon <3

  • ItsAfter2PM This is another version of translation of same tweet, it shows t/word ‘innovative’.

  •!/PledisPlanetz PledisPlanetz’s Admin

    AfterSchoolDaze! Hi this is PledisPlanetz! I think we need to work together to organise and event to vote for AFTERSCHOOL on IMUSICFES. Im considering to organise this event on 14 November 2011 at 9pm KST until 12pm KST. If i made an article about the event. Can you post it in this website on to your tumblr?

    I really hope you would say yes. :)
    -PledisPlanetz’s Admin

    •!/PledisPlanetz PledisPlanetz’s Admin

      *can you post this into your website and your tumblr?

      sorry for the typo. :)

      • afterschooldaze

        Yup no prob – @ me when it’s ready :)

        •!/PledisPlanetz PledisPlanetz’s Admin

          okay! ^_^ kamsamida

  • Long SangHeaK

    OLD LIVE of Kis Five (Jung Ah is ex Member)

    • afterschooldaze

      Thanks! Just posted – I just credited to your YT page hopes that’s okay :P

  • Long SangHeaK

    I want to share with all :)
    Thank u so much

  • Ruby

    Hi, I’m a playgirlz and I live in Japan. I have been looking all over for a video of the girls performing Diva in Japanese but I can’t find a single video!!! If you know where I can find one (JAPANESE version) that would be so great :)
    Ruby <3

    • afterschooldaze

      Unfortunately they haven’t performed “Diva” the Japanese version live yet :(

      • Ruby

        omg why not?!?! It’s been around for ages you’d think they’d be promoting it!! :( thanks for the info :)

      • eva

        i’m searching for dive japanese version live too, because i want to see lizzy rapping for dive. :)

  • eva

    this is really awesome. please post it at your site. i hope that everyone can watch this awesome video of afterschool. :*

  • eva

    another great performance!

  • Cindy

    Hey! It’s Cindy from (: I’m finally getting around to our photo gallery and we’re in the process of adding photos @ … It’s basically an organized collection of AS Photos. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with us including photos from ASD :D I’ll definitely put a link to ASD in the gallery~ hope to hear from you soon (:

    • afterschooldaze

      Whoa – sorry I’m like a decade late. I don’t mind :D

  • Reed

    Sorry to shamelessly self-advertise but it would be nice if you could post my youtube channel as I finally completed all the AS member’s vocals and even did one for Orange Caramel :-D

    Here is the link to my channel:

    • afterschooldaze

      Posting with the videos, thanks :D

  • joloumali

    Hi! I’m an admin of a facebook fan page of AS and AS Nana. Your site is pretty awesome. I’m getting news and other updates here. Do I have to post the direct link or a hyperlink of this site or just the name “AfterSchoolDaze”? Thanks :D

  • coverdanceclub

    • coverdanceclub

      Cut by Long SangHeaK

    • afterschooldaze

      Thanks :D

  • Iman Cassiopeia

    I have a very important question please!!! I live in Paris and will be going to the Music Bank festival in Paris the 8th February ! Do you know by any chance if UEE will be here cuz I know she’s hosting the show in Korea… Thank you very much!

    • afterschooldaze

      Honestly I can’t say – I haven’t heard anything about her being involved yet though

  • iadoremoon

    Since I am an affiliate, I thought this might be of interest for your readers. Karaoke FX of “Rambling girls” music video.

    • afterschooldaze

      Awesome, thanks! :D

  • Sam

    Hi, is it possible to start including more tags with your posts? For example tags for “Photoshoots”, “Selcas” or “Nikki”? Love the site and have been following it for months but finding older related posts is difficult without the tags. Thanks!

    • kev

      Hi ASD admin I’d like to see this too. Recently all the posts are submitted under the uncatergorised tag and it’s very hard to find similar posts if I missed any. Thank you.

      • afterschooldaze

        I will start to do this :D

    • afterschooldaze

      Yea no prob – I’ve been slacking on this. I will start again this weekend and go back and tag the older posts. Thanks for reminding me :D

  • coverdanceclub
    • afterschooldaze

      Thanks so much! I will use if I make another Pledis post <3

  • eva

    yoo ara is pretty good

  • Heak Đông Đá

    Ah (10 Member Version)
    Made by me (SangHeaK from Vietnamese Playgirlz/boyz)

  • Tam

    Please, please please please start tagging your posts again. Sometimes I’m busy and I visit the site only once in a few days and I and with all the posts currently tagged as “uncategorised” it’s impossible for me to look for similar posts that I may have missed eg gif posts/video posts/selca posts. :(

    Thank you!

    • afterschooldaze

      Sorry :( I got used to not tagging – I will try to get ij the habit again :)

  • James

    Did you see that there is supposed to be a fanmeet on Google+?? The competition ended already, but I’m wondering now, if the news about Kahi is true, will she be there? Just thought I’d share :))

    • afterschooldaze

      Yea I put a post up about it a few weeks ago :) hopefully Kahi will still be involved :P

  • ducky

    Quick question: Is it possible to submit opinion pieces? I’m planning on writing a piece on After School’s choreography, mainly how different Flashback is compared to their past stages and how it reflects their new direction.

    • afterschooldaze

      Yea that would be great :D

      You can send it to – – tweet me at the ASD twitter account so I will know to check my email and post :P

      • ducky

        Awesome! I’ll probably post it on an LJ comm as well ( but if you prefer the piece to be After School-centric, I can edit out the references to SNSD and other groups.


        • afterschooldaze

          You can send me the original version, I think it will make the piece interesting :D

          • ducky

            All righty then! I’ll follow up here in addition to tweeting and emailing ^____^ Hopefully I’ll get it done before the weekend is over!

          • afterschooldaze

            Sounds great! Wow fast worker :P

          • ducky

            LOL I meant before the next weekend (this upcoming weekend) XD I’m not nearly a fast a writer and since I tend to ramble, I have to spend time editing a lil bit ^^;

          • afterschooldaze

            Ah got it! lol take your time :D

          • ducky

            LOL, the post on Nana’s body ( is actually mine XD I was trying to finish that choreography post but ended up writing about Nana instead :P Just curious, how’d you get that post? (I don’t mind it being reposted – I was actually thinking of sending it to you!)

          • afterschooldaze

            Haha! Omg really?! That’s too funny >< it was posted on tumblr in the 'AfterSchool' tag I didn't credit the tumblr since I figured the person who posted it was the same person from the LiveJournal but it seems it wasn't! Lmao

            Here's the tumblr that posted your post: :P

  • Heakie Spears

    CDC (my dance team) covered ‘Flashback’
    Plz click “LIKE” to support my dance team. Thank all so much!!!!

    • afterschooldaze

      Will do <3

  • Heakie Spears

    [FMV] Jung Ah & Raina – Timeless
    Made by Long SangHeaK – After School Viet Nam FC

  • Arie

    Why hasn’t there been an update for a week or so? :(

  • Heakie Spears

  • Heakie Spears

  • haven

    hello,im a fan of afterschool from malaysia…can you help me with something?afterschool had performed in sbs gayo daejun 2011 where they did a shuffle dance from party rock anthem and diva.i’ve searched everywhere for that video but when i found it,the uploader made the video unavailable in my country.Is there any way i can watch the video???i really want to watch it because i heard that SuJU was there too and they were impressed with afterschool dance performance….please help….

    • missy

      i can help…give me your email…

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  • Luke Hemmings

    Hello~I was wondering if you could point me to the unedited current banner~ it is the first time i have seen it! thank you! i think all your banners are really good!

  • Lucy

    Hello, :)
    We did a k-pop dance cover, where BANG :3 :3 is our main dance along with a sixth sense from BEG, so if you wanna take a look :))

  • Izwan Rawan

    Hello.. Can You Subs Weekly Idol Ep 53 After School..
    i have watch ep 52 but I cannot find the subs video for ep 53..
    i hope you can subs or find it for me..
    sorry i’m bad in english XD
    Afterschool Daze Fighting!!!

  • Dori

    Hello, as a longtime follower of After School and AfterSchoolDaze, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the work and effort you guys put into the new design of the site. Keep it up!

    • iloveafterschool

      Thank you