ASDaze is a collection of dedicated individuals that volunteer everyday to promote and share After School with many international fans!

As After School becomes more popular overseas, ASDaze hopes to be at the forefront of After School news and events. Help us to organize more projects, giveaways and promote After School around the world!

Our current goals:
1. Buy a permanent domain for AfterSchoolDaze
2. Hold a ‘Dress to Kill’ giveaway!
3. Open an ASDaze shop with exclusive After School merchandise!

For a limited time onlyyou can get a free customised After School admission card (including free shipping) when you donate a minimum sum of $15. This will be customised to include a photograph of your choice and your details :)



Donation Options:

PayPal or Credit Card
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To make a donation via PayPal or credit card, please follow the instructions:

1) Click the button below and complete your donation via PayPal or credit card:

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2) Fill up the form below.
3) We will email you as soon as we receive your donation.

Transaction fee: 2.9% + $0.30 of your donation will go to PayPal.

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Many thanks to Isa of B.A.P Yessir for the guidance for this post ♥

  • riceeeeeeeeee

    do we get a title on the forums?

    • foreverJR

      Yes :)

  • william

    how much it costs to get the domain?

    • Captain Sprunchz

      The option we’re looking at now will be about $83 every two years. This includes using a new “web host” as well as domain. We are hoping to gain some funds from advertisements so we no longer need to ask for donations, and so that we can run larger international projects that support Afterschool!
      ~Eventually we want to be a fansite that Pledis recognizes….but that’s a goal for the future~

      that’s why the web host is necessary :)) I hope that answers your question!