How to Use Credly

A Credly account is needed to be able to earn Badges on ASDaze! It’s super easy to do just follow these quick steps below or skip to the section you need help with :D

  • How to Join Credly
  • How to Log-in With Credly on ASDaze
  • How to earn “Join Credly” Badge on ASDaze

How to Join Credly:

1) Go to and click “Create New Account”


You can do this with Facebook, Linked-in, or with an email address  and name :)


2) Now go to the email address you provided (or the one associated with your facebook or Linked-in accounts), click the email sent by credly, and confirm your email!

That’s it! Your’e done <3


How to Log-In to Credly On ASDaze:

1) Go here:  OR scroll to the bottom of any post/page and click Log-in.


2) When you get to this page, click the Credly button


3) Sign on using your CREDLY log-in credentials :) That’s it!


How to Earn Join Credly Badge:

1) Go to your profile page on Credly:


2) Copy your page URL


3) Log in to Credly on ASDaze

4) Go to the Join Credly Badge page and copy and past your Credly Page URL in the Submission Box.



I zoomed out so you can see where it’s located on the page. But just scroll down until you find it.

If you don’t see it make sure your logged in to ASDaze with your Credly account.


If that doesn’t work email us at and we’ll get you the badge manually :)

  • Jayden

    This is such an awesome idea, Sarah!! :D :D :D I was so confused by the Join Credly page but this page makes things all clear! :)

    • Sarah

      thanks Jayden <333 :'D