Member Profiles

Current Students

Real Name : Kim Jung Ah (김정아)
Position in Group : Leader, Main Vocalist
Birth Date : 2nd August 1983
Height : 167 cm
Star Sign : Leo
Twitter: @as_jungah
Misc. Information :

- Took Musical Studies at Kyungmin College
– Had an album “SZ 1st Album” in 2000.
– Used to be a member of “Kiss Five” in 2005.
– Participated in Son Dambi’s “Bad Boy” performances as a dancer as part of her training in 2008.
– Participated in Snow Village project with K.Will, Tei, Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo, Kan Mi Yeon & Suki.
– Participated in “You’re Cute” track from MBC Drama “Pasta” OST album
– Was supposed to star in the musical “Chorus Line” portraying the role of Christine, a young yet slightly moronic dancer but had to decline due to AfterSchool’s activities.
–  Has done charity work in Vietnam with Son Dambi.
– In 2012 She was cast in the popular TV Show ‘Reckless Family’ Season 2

Real Name : Lee Joo Yeon (이주연)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 19th March 1987
Height : 168 cm
Star Sign : Pisces
Cyworld Mini Homepage :
Twitter: ASJuPal
Daum Fan Cafe : zzangjueyoen
Misc. Information :

- Graduated from Dongduk Women’s University with a major in broadcasting.
– Was a famous Internet Ulzzang.
– Starred in Skool Looks CF
– Featuring in Tony An’s “Yutzpracachia” MV in 2006
– Had a small role in Movie “My Tutor Friend2″ in 2007.
– Appeared on MBC “Introduce Star’s Friend” as Son Dambi’s best friend in 2008.
– Featuring in E.Bul’s “I Want to Buy It” MV in 2009.
– Featuring in Taegoon’s “Betrayed” MV in 2009.
– Starring in KBS Invincible Youth (G7) season 2
-On September 13, 2010 it was revealed that Joo got the part in a drama called “Smile, Donghae” the character she played is named Sae Young
– In 2012 she made a cameo appearance in the drama ‘Reply 1997‘
– Starred in the drama ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ which premiered in November 2012 as Eun Woo                                                          – In June 2013 she made Cameo as Actress in the drama Monstar

Name : U-ie (유이)
Real Name : Kim Yoo Jin (김유진)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 9th April 1988
Height : 173 cm
Star Sign : Aries
Award : Best Newcomer Award at MBC Entertainment Awards 2009
Cyworld Mini Homepage : Twitter: uuuei From Dec 2013: uiiiie
Fanmade Youtube Channel : UEEJACK24
Misc. Information :
– Used to be a trainee in Good Entertainment.
– Was set to debut in a group with “Yoobin” of the Wonder Girls before moving to Pledis Entertainment.
– Starred in a documentary called “Diary of Five Girls”
– Appeared on MBC “Introduce Star’s Friend” as Wonder Girls’ Yoobin’s best friend in 2008.
– Had a small role in MBC’s Drama “Queen Seon Duk” playing a young Mishil Saeju, a character in the drama.
– Featuring in Mighty Mouth’s “Love Class” MV and performances along with 4minute Hyun Ah.
– Starring in MBC’s variety show We Got Married on MBC’s Sunday Night along with Park Jae Jung.
– Endorsing for Anycall Magic Hole cell phone together with Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong
– Endorsing for Korean alcohol Chueum Churum Soju “Cool”.
– Featuring in Jo Sung Mo’s “Please Take Care Of Her” MV together with Yoo Seung Ho.
– Did a duet with JunJin titled “His and Her Situation”, also featuring Suk Hee.
– Starring in SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” as Yoo Hae Yi
– Endorsing for Anycall – 4Tomorrow group project together with Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) , Han Seung Yeon (KARA) & Hyun Ah (4Minute).
– Starred in the Drama “Birdie Buddy” as Sung Mi Soo.
– Endorsing for Vivaldi Park Ocean World 2010 together with Kahi.
-Starred in the Drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” previously titled “Golden Pond” as Baek Ja Eun.
-Released her first solo single “Soksoksok” on June 21, 2011 featuring JongHyun from After School Boys now known as Nu’Est
– Goes to Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in Performing Arts.
– Starred in the drama ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ as Hong Mu-yeon which premiered in November 2012                                                                                                                                                       – Uee Starred in the drama MBC weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’which premiered in November 2013


Name : Raina (레이나)
Real Name : Oh Hye Rin (오혜린)
Position in Group : Main Vocalist
Birth Date :7th May 1989
Height : 166 cm
Star Sign : Taurus
Twitter : raina57
Cyworld Mini Homepage :
Google +
Misc. Information :
– Previously auditioned for Mnet’s SuperstarK.
– Was a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
– A lyricist, wrote the lyrics for 이곳에 서서 (Standing Here)Not Yet in Orange Caramel’s second mini-album and the Happy Pledis single, Love Love Love
– Featured on Kan Jong Wook’s song titled “Even After a Day”
– A member of Orange Caramel which consists of Raina, Nana and Lizzy
– Released the OST “Self Luminous” for the KBS drama ‘Sunshine Girl’

Name : Nana (나나)
Real Name : Im Jin Ah (임진아)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Google +
Birth Year : 14th September 1991
Height : 171 cm
Star Sign : Virgo
School : Jeongju Ochang High School & beauty school at Seoul Arts College
Misc. Information :
– Participated in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest
– Starring in Honey Dew’s debut track Like A Fool MV
– Starring in Eru’s White Tears MV
– Cast member on Japan’s “Tokyo Brand New Girls” TV show in April 2012
– Is a licensed make-up artist and beautician.
– Started to endorse ‘Juvis’ professional diet plan in June 2012

Name : Lizzy (리지)
Real Name : Park Soo Young (박수영)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 31st July 1992
Height : 168 cm
Star Sign : Leo
Hobbies : Enjoying Music, playing NDS games, Art & Crafts, Eating snacks
Specialty : Swimming, Piano
Favorite music : Dance Style, Ballad
Favorite singer : Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Park Jung-hyun
Favorite artist : Josh Hartnett, Kang Boo-ja
Cyworld Mini Hompage:
Twitter: P_Lizzy
Google +
Misc. Information:
– Intro Clip from Pledis : Lizzy – Take A Bow
– Made a first featuring performance with rapper DefCon in “How to Leave the Rapper” on SBS Inkigayo.
– Starring in Teen Top’s debut track ‘Clap’ MV
– Being fixed host-member in SBS Good Sunday ‘Running Man’
– Starring in MBC Daily Sitcom ‘All My Love’ as a Busan girl “Soon Duk”
– Cast in the drama ‘Rascal Sons/My Sons’ as Yoo Ri in October 2012

Name : E-Young (이영)
Real Name : No Yi Young (노이영)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 16th August 1992
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Star Sign : Leo
Misc. Information:
– Composes music
– Plays the guitar, piano, cello, bass and drums among a few other instruments
– Attended Chuncheon Agricultural High School andK-NoteMusicAcademy
– Won gold at the 2007 Gangwon Province Teen Song Festival
– Won the grand prize at the 2008 Dong Song Festival
– Currently attends Kyunghee University, majoring in intrumental music

Name: Kaeun (가은)
Real Name: Lee Ga Eun (이가은)
Position in Group: Sub Vocalist and Dancer
Date of Birth: 20th August 1994
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Leo
Google+ Page
Misc. Information:
-Attended junior high school in Japan
-Specialty: Vocals & Japanese
- Best vocal abilities of all Pledis Trainees
– Performed a special version of “Not Over You” with Nu’est at the 2012 Hallyu Dream Concert
– On November 2, 2012 performed the Lambada with Lee Joon from MBlaq at ‘Mubank in Chile’

After School’s Google+ Page


Name: Yoo So Young (유소영)
Real Name: 
Joo So Young (주소영) 
Position in Group: 
Sub Vocalist 
Birth Date: 
29th March 1986 
 165 cm
44 kg 
Blood Type:
Star Sign: 
Twitter: @ssosso_1004
Misc. Information:
• Graduated in October 2009 to pursue an acting career.
• Starred in KBS1 daily drama “The Women of Our Home”
Daum Fan Cafe : HaPpyNess
- Starred in the drama ‘Dream High 2′ as Park Soon Dong in 2012
– Cast member on the magic show ‘Magic Hole’
– Cast member on the variety show ‘Jewelry House’
– Starred in ‘Miss Panda & Hedgehog’ in 2012

*She withdrew from After School on October 29th, 2009

Name : Bekah (베카)
Real Name : Rebekah Kim (레베카 김)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist, Rapper
Birth Date : 11th August 1989
Height : 168 cm
Star Sign : Leo
Twitter : @__BEKAH
Cyworld Mini Homepage :
Online Store
Misc. Information :
– Born and raised in Hawaii.
– Graduated from Moanalua High School.
– Featuring in Tei’s “Mr. Lonely” track from his mini-album ‘The Shine 2009′.
– Featuring in Lee Hyori’s “Bring It Back” track 05 from her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ along with 4Minute Jiyoon.
– Featuring in Seo In Guk’s “At First Sight” track 06 from his first mini album ‘Just Beginning’.
-Has a solo song called, “Take me to the Place
- Talented in drawing.
– Graduated in July 2011 to study design.
– In May 2012 she was featured on Hyori Lee’s tv show ‘Golden 12

*She withdrew from After School on July 9th, 2011

Name : Park Kahi (박가희)
Real Name : Park Ji Young (박지영)
Position in Group : Ex Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Lyrics Composer & Co-Choreographer
Birth Date : 25th December 1980
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 50 kg
Blood Type : O
Star Sign : Capricorn
Award : Best Newcomer Award at SBS Entertainment Awards 2010
Twitter : @misskahi – Second Account: officialkahi
Instagram: officialkahi – Second Account: imisskahi
Cyworld Mini Hompage :
Me2Day :
Daum Fan Cafe : Dancer Kahi
Misc. Information :
– Was a famous backup dancer for BoA, JinuSean, 1TYM, Lexy, DJ DOC, Chaeyeon, Eun Ji Won, etc. since 2000-2006.
– Starring in m:rope MP3-Player CF
– Previously in the Korean-American girl group, “S.Blush” whose digital single “It’s My Life” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard-
Hot Dance Chart in 2007. [Audio || Performance]
– Did a featuring on Son Dambi’s “Bad Boy” single as a rapper in 2008. [MV || Performance]
– Featured in E.Bul’s “I Want to Buy It” MV and Performance in 2009.
– Featured in One Two’s “Starry Night” MV in 2009.
– Recently being popular among Korean TV programs because of her various talents especially professional dancing skill in MJ’s Dangerous Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams, Ego, Video Phone & Diva. [Dance Collection: 1 || 2 || 4 || 5]
– Endorsing for Vivaldi Park Ocean World 2010 together with U-ie.
– Endorsing for Fat Down product.
– Wrote rap lyrics and featuring in Suki’s first mini album-title track ‘One Love’ [MV]
– Member of SBS Good Sunday “Heroes” variety show
– Won the “New Star Award” at the SBS Entertainment Awards 2010.
– Debut as a solo singer with her 1st Album “Comeback You Bad Person” in 2011.
– Acting debut as  Hyun Ji Soo (Dance Teacher) in the drama ‘Dream High 2′

*Kahi’s graduation was announced on June 5, 2012. She stated she would finish her activities with After School by September 2012, which included a fan-meet in Japan. She officially finished her duties as the first leader of After School on June 17th.

Pre-School Girl

Name: Kyungmin (경민)
Real Name: Kim Kyungmin (김경민)
Date of Birth: 13th March 1994
Star Sign: Pisces
Hometown: Masan
Misc. Information:
• Winner of the me2day Search for After School’s 9th Member in 2010 (along with Ara).
• Featured in “Funky Man” (After School Vol. 1 – Virgin)
• Specialty: Dance.

Pledis Trainee

Name: Minkang (민강)
Real Name: Kim Minkang (김민강)
Misc. Information:
• Official winner of the 2011 Happy Pledis audition. (You can read her thoughts on winning & a video of her singing/dancing here — You need a proxy to watch it though)

Transfer Students

Joined the group “Hello Venus”

Name: Hyelim (혜림)
Real Name: Kim Hyelim (김혜림)
Misc. Information:
– Former trainee at Medialine Entertainment (was supposed to debut in Viva Girls).
– Back-up dancer for Lee Chaeyon.
• Wrote rap lyrics for Scotch V.I.P.’s “Finale”.
• Specialty: Dance & rap.

Name: Ara (아라)
Real Name: Yoo Ara (유아라)
Date of Birth: 26th September 1992
Star Sign: Libra
Misc. Information:
• Winner of the me2day Search for After School’s 9th Member in 2010 (along with Kyungmin).
• Went to Seoul Music High School (same alumni as SHINee’s Jonghyun, Block B’s Zico & Boyfriend’s Jungmin) and graduated 2 years early.
• Majored in vocals.
• Sang the chorus for the 1st Happy Pledis single, “Love Love Love” & was featured in the track as well as MV for “Love Letter”.
• Specialty: Vocals.

Name: Yoonjo (윤조)
Real Name: Shin Yoonjo (신윤조)
Date of Birth: 14th December 1992
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Misc. Information:
• Went to Seoul Arts High School.
• Majored in music & vocals (in particular classical singing, she is a soprano).
• Featured in “Dream” (After School Vol. 1 – Virgin).
• Specialty: Vocals.


Name: Nicole (니콜) a.k.a. Nikki (니키)
Real Name: Nicole Yi Haeji (니콜 이해지)
Date of Birth: 11th May 1994
Height: 5’6 (posted on twitter) – – 167 cm
Star Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Misc. Information:
• Recruited by Pledis in August 2011.
• Specialty: English & rap.
• Twitter: @NicoleHaeJiYi


*Credit for information besides AfterSchoolDaze: Pledis Entertainment, AfterSchool’s Official website,, mihyejung@soompi + sleepysa@soompi, + fyafterschool


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      Hyelim, Ara, and Yoonjo are former Pre-School Girls (Trainee’s waiting to be admitted into After School) who are now members of Hello Venus. Kyungmin and Minkang are Pledis trainee’s and possible future After School members. Nicole is a former Pledis trainee who as far as we are aware have left Pledis

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