Mission: To Support AfterSchool by contributing to and growing the Playgirlz Community! Overview: This is similar to ASDaze’s Mission, but it’s a way you can contribute too! And mostly an excuse for you to receive awesome badges! After you’ve completed one task you’re automatically enrolled in PLAYScouts! Earn a Badge for each thing you do! We’ll try to keep the buttons pretty and tasks easy!  And you can be assured that everything you do will help grow the Playgirlz Community.

Current Event:  “Where’s Orange Caramel?” Game + Giveaway!!


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Badge icon "Ribbon (3391)" provided by  under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Ultimate Fan Badge

The earner of this badge has a comprehensive knowledge of what is needed to ensure success in the K-pop World. From SNS Points, to Youtube Views, to Voting on Music Shows. They have shown great dedication to After School and the Playgirlz Community. Well done! (Click Title to learn more)


“Where’s Orange Caramel?” Badge

The earner of this badge has supported Orange Caramel and enriched the Playgirlz Community throughout the My CopyCat promotional cycle! (Click Title to learn more)


“Where’s Orange Caramel? BONUS!”

Earn this badge for DOULBE the chance to win a My CopyCat album for our "Where's Orange Caramel?" Giveaway!


  • AdamFJH

    This sounds like a really fun way to encourage fans to support Raina :)